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  • The One Page Magnetic Conversion Funnel 
if you want more money than ever before, with a fraction of the work. The single email I am about to share with you raked in thousands in sales, without anything even resembling a sales funnel. One email, one checkout page, that's all I had to build. Let me walk you through The One Page Funnel, and show you a completely new way to get the results you're after, with none of the usual complications..
THE PERFECT Checkout Page
which is important because Want to increase your sales without spending a dime on extra traffic? Capture the hidden profits floating away from your site with these 10 checkout hacks, pulled from the largest database of checkout conversion data on the planet..

The Ultimate Upsell
which is important because There is no single strategy more powerful for any business than 1click upsells. Our database tells us that adding even just a single upsell increases sales by over 68%! Learn how to craft the Ultimate Upsell, and watch your revenues skyrocket like never before..

The One Page Funnel Conversion Sequence  
For the folks that don't buy the low ticket or mid ticket offer right away, we use a special series of emails to follow up and make the sale later. I'll give you the exact psychology behind these emails as well as an inside peak into each specific template. (No one shows this stuff... but you'll finally get inside and see real working email sequences).
The Dead Eye Targeting Road-map
This is literally our Bible for attacking any market and industry. This is a template that you'll pin up in your office and use for years to come anytime you start a new marketing and ad campaign.
My VSLs For Upsells Guide: 
which is important because you can use our proven templates that will help to add urgency to both your campaigns, and harness your Blog (as well as your One Page Funnel) as a way to put high-converting, profit-sucking offers in front of your customers. 
The Facebook Ad Shakeup: 
I'll show you the exact ad that I'm running and explain how I start out a facebook ad campaign and how I slowly dial it in. This fly's in the face of what most marketers do when they start an ad campaign but you'll see why it works inside.
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